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Australia’s Favorite Herbal Tea Store


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Slimming Tea – Especially beneficial to pre-diabetes. SPECIAL 2 x (60 tea bags – only $44.99, that’s $0.37c per pyramid teabag)



Perfect Green Tea is only harvested in spring, using newly sprouted whole shoots in every cup. (30 servings – $11.99)


Libido tea for men

Libido booster for Him & Her – stimulate natural testosterone, reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, herbal ED treatment and increase sex drive, help balance hormones. TeaToxTime Libido tea. (20 servings – $14.99 Each serving can be used 3 times)














sold out

 Anxiety Tea – You deserve to be calm and happy. TeaToxTime Anxietea may effectively  reduce or eliminate Anxiety symptoms.




We buy directly from the grower, passing on the savings to you. We package all of our products in a resealable pack, then send the fresh product straight to your door using tracking post. Our tea is sold in Australian dollars.


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TeaToxTime herbal tea is sourced from the finest boutique plantations around the world, using only the best organic ingredients.

Why are our teas any different to our competitors?

A: We work very closely with a Research Herbalist to put together the teas we provide, ensuring that each ingredient actually makes a difference to you.

Our Slimming / Pre-diabetes tea for example has 3.5 grams of ingredients in each teabag with a very specific ratio of each ingredient. We understand that the body needs 3.5 grams of these specific ratio ingredients in each serve to help your long term outcome.

Our Premium Libido tea ingredient has been researched here: making it a very popular Libido tea.

Our organic whole leaf green tea is just that, organic whole leaf spring picked green tea leaves. Using the fresh sprouts, our tea leaf is packed full of nutrients making this type of green tea the best you can consume every day.

The end result? You being happy & confident about yourself.

TeaToxTime puts a lot of research, effort, resources, patience and time in our range of TeaToxTime teas, making sure that each tea makes an actual difference. So, What is the best herbal Tea? TeaToxTime’ herbal tea range. Only @


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