weight loss tea

weight loss teaIn terms of living a good healthy lifestyle I would recommend drinking at least 1 litre – 3 litres of water per day. 1 litre to get vital nutrients (amino acids that cannot be made by the body) to cells, and up to 3 litres to flush the body of waste. Our Slimming Tea does not contain any form of herbal laxatives, that is what good water hydration does. If someone was constipated, drink water. Senna, which is used by 99% of slimming tea sellers is a herbal laxative. This ingredient will just make things worse by dehydrating you.
The main goal of our weight loss tea (TeaToxTime.com) is to help with long term weight loss and help prevent diabetes, by reducing excess sugars in the blood causing fat gain. It is like a halt in time, so you can exercise and lose the weight you have, as our tea can prevent added fat accumulating. No weight loss tea is a magic potion, but the tea that offers the healthiest alternative to weight loss is the one I would choose. Look at it as you wish, for a short term weight reduction (water loss really) that uses herbal laxatives, go right ahead, but your metabolism will become dependant on laxatives to lose weight, amongst other serious side effects, and that is not what you want for health.

May I also add that research has found that the body needs at least 3 grams of ingredients in one serving (one teabag, twice a day) to make a difference in body composition. You can always pick a truly good tea selling company by following this: weight loss tea
The TEATOX companies that are all for making a difference have 3 grams plus in each teabag with no more than four ingredients. Each ingredient has its own attributes for the body, and should be in a quantity that will actually make a difference.
To the good companies out there, good on you for choosing real difference in health over profit.

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